Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Class to The xx's "Islands (Untold Remix)

The Los Angeles dance scene during the summer time is like the mall during the days preceding Christmas. 

Pure chaos. 

Nearly every dance studio from Hollywood to the valley is inundated with visiting students who are ravenous to take class. While some travel across the country, others travel across the world. And why not? After all, Los Angeles is arguably THE dance mecca in the United States. 

As a teacher, the visiting students are a fresh wave of new energy in class. I had an absolute blast the last few times I subbed at Edge Performing Arts Center. 

And in addition to that, many of my college-aged friends are now free of school obligations and are able to join me in the studio. As I mentioned many times before in my previous posts, having my friends in class makes teaching all the more enjoyable.

Here is the most recent combo I taught at Edge. The footage we shot during class was a little shaky and off center, so I (along with Diana Schoenfield and Tess Hewlett) re-recorded it in a smaller studio:

Lately, I've been very drawn to The xx. Romy's (and Jamie's) voice is so beautifully haunting that I actually have physical reactions to her singing. My Haim streak a few months ago proved that it is not unusual for me to be obsessive about choreographing to a specific group.

So it might just happen again.

But while I mull over who to choreograph to next, enjoy the video! And while you're at it, check out my youtube channel at:


  1. Karen! You are so inspiring to me. I'm a big fan of your work as a dancer and every new video or post you put out gives me so much life! Your passion and love for dance really motivates me to improve. Keep learning and growing and being amazing. Much love from NC.

    Beth De Leon

    P.S. - Have you considered teaching a class out here on the East Coast? The dance community out here would really love to have you! (:

    1. Hey Beth,

      Thanks so much for your support!!

      I of course would love to teach on the East Coast. Hopefully I will be able to make that a reality some time in the near future!

      Much appreciation for your positive energy!