Sunday, August 18, 2013

Waterbomb 2013

The good people at Movement Lifestyle (ML) are at the forefront of all the things awesome.

For those of you who don't know, ML is a unique community based urban dance lifestyle brand. It offers dance classes out of its North Hollywood location, a national dance convention that tours to 5 different cities, special intensives with master teachers, and even a furnished house for international students to stay in. There are countless ways that ML sets itself apart from other dance studios that cater to adults/professionals in Los Angeles. But the main reason it is so special is its emphasis on community.

As a newly inducted member into the professional dance community in Los Angeles, I am slowly realizing how different life as a dancer is compared to life as a college student or even life as a person with a regular job. My friends and I are no longer on the same schedule, and our lifestyles are drastically different. Case in point: I had to leave a lovely picnic at Echo Park Lake early today to get to an afternoon rehearsal:

Post-grad Los Feliz dwellers
But even when I do meet wonderful new friends on a dance job, I don't always have the luxury of time to get to the know them. There isn't necessarily the typical post-work bar hang out or the weekend brunch event to gather one's network of "work" buddies. It seems strangely difficult for dancers to get together at social events without it being a dance related event.

And this is where the brilliant people at Movement Lifestyle come in. The creative team headed by good friend and long time dance inspiration Shaun Evaristo have recently spearheaded a number of public art-based events. Just last weekend, the ML studio in North Hollywood turned into an art gallery featuring the work of Los Angeles based artist Lucas Raynaud. The music was bumping and the studio was packed with dancers and non-dancers alike:

Photo Courtesy of: Movement Lifestyle
Now this is where I get to the main point of this post: Waterbomb 2013

Waterbomb is an organization seeking to make potable water universally accessible. It raises money by putting on social events, and then donates 50% of the proceeds to water projects around the world.

According to the website:

"WaterBomb provides an outlet for musicians, dj’s, dancers, artists,and fashion brands to showcase their passions. We are merging the excitement of a party with the purpose of helping those in need."

I can't think of a better way to spend your evening (unless you're at FYF in DTLA, then you can just donate). I'll be out of town next weekend, but I think I'll opt to buy a t-shirt and get an early start on Waterbomb 2014 (the $35 option)!

Booze. Art. Positive Change. Sounds like the best Saturday night ever.

Donate or buy your tickets here!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Instagram: Helping Me Practice My PR and Marketing Skills

Social media is increasingly becoming the most important medium with which information is spread. Whether one likes it or not, news travels fast on Twitter and Facebook.

And while my following on TwitterInstagram, Youtube, or Facebook is abysmal relative to other popular choreographers and dancers, I nonetheless count on those sites as a means to promote myself and events that I am a part of.

I always tweet or post about my classes, but it wasn't until recently that I began utilizing Instagram. Using the "Overgram" app, I customize my pictures to include relevant information regarding my classes. Thus, I have created quite a library of class ads:

I will be this ^ happy if you came and danced with me today. Teaching a new combo to The xx at@whatmovesu ! 
Subbing tomorrow at 2:30PM@edgepac for the wonderful @marissaosato ! Come share your beautiful energy with me :)
Come learn how to build a bed with me tomorrow in class at @edgepac at 2:30! Tools not included. Just kidding, come dance with me. Something new to shake off the Monday blues! 
Baby Karen and Pluto are requesting your presence in class tomorrow afternoon at 2:30PM. Subbing for@marissaosato at @edgepac! Be there, or I'll throw a temper tantrum. << Oops. Definitely meant to read 7/9!
I love dancing with friends. Check out my latest class combo:
Toddler Karen says, "Join ME in class tomorrow please. I might just wear these awesome floral pants."
Little Dragons make beautiful noises. Don't believe me? Come find out in class tomorrow at @edge_pac ! We'll be dancing to one very special Little Dragon in particular. (Art by: @jekajane )
Don't you hate it when you miss things? Then be sure to catch my class tomorrow. Subbing for@marissaosato at 2:30!
If you have trouble seeing (into the future), let me be of service: I see sunny skies, high temperatures, and me teaching at #edgepac tomorrow. I think I have the gift of fortunetelling.
Swagged out since 1997. It's hard to be this cool, but I can teach you how in class tomorrow at #edgepac. Bring your facials.
Why the pictures of myself as a kid? Let's be honest. They're too good not to share to the general public, and who wants to wait until Thursday for a #tbt?

What's fascinating to me is that recently, my most popular pictures aren't the ones pertaining to my every day life. They're the ones of me when I was 7 years old looking like a goober.

I hope that's not an inadvertent way for people to tell me I was cuter back then than I am now.