Monday, August 6, 2012

Holi: Festival of Colors 2013

I just discovered one of the top 10 things that will be on my to-do list for 2013: Holi - Festival of Colors.

Holi is "the largest festival of colors on the Western Hemisphere" and is held in Spanish Fork, Utah next year on March 30-31st:

Check out these sweet pics of last year's event from the art and design blog, This is Colossal.


Who wants to come with me???


  1. Go. I live in Utah, I've gone 3 years in a row, and it is literally my favorite day of the year. Better than Christmas :) Where are you at?

  2. Wow, every photo I've seen as I blog hop on the celebration of Holi festival speaks two things - festivity and fun! Wow, I wish I could personally celebrate this festival at one time. This year's Holi is coming so here's expressing my happy holi wishes to all. Have fun on Holi!